Jun 12

Grow Your Website To 10,000 Visitors Per Month Ore More, Guaranteed No Cost

When creating your own web page you want your page to be visited by as many people around the world. The problem is that most people, after having managed to finish the construction site notice that visitors have their expectations.
Now I will list some steps to follow to increase visitors on your site with at least 10,000 per month.

Your internet site must be found by the search engines and not just any search engines, the top search engines but the question is how can you do that?
Very simple, here are some basic rules of Web site optimization to guarantee your growing businesses more search-engine visibility:

1.Choose the right keyphrases : Search engines read text not graphics. So when it comes to top search-engine rankings, simple sites that place stress on text rank best.

2.Avoid flash pages, image maps and heavy graphics : Remember, search engines read text, not graphics.

3.Use site maps : Site maps are often a smart idea. They not only help users find precisely what they are looking for, but they also help search engines index your web site effectively and rank more pages of your site.

4.Increase link popularity: The key to building successful link recognition is paying attention to the quality of sites that provide links to you, rather than the quantity.

5.Start a blog: To create a blog is cheap and does not require much work, in addition blogs get high search-engine rankings because they are basically text based, inspire link development and contain current information.

6.Submit your articles online: Another great way is to write articles and post their profile on sites with high PR.

7.Write a keyword-friendly press release about your company, service or product and submit it to major reports and PR services.
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