Aug 19

How A Legit SEO Could Make a Website Work Great

SEO business is flourishing since the beginning of the time when Internet became so popular that everybody wanted to get indulged in making their website in online presence via using simple internet marketing lookout. Soon competition started erupting with many similar kind of websites in looks and user interface. That was the time when the search giant Google (mainly) and other search engines came up with the term SEO. The trick which was explained by many SE expert at that time to rank your website was to create hyper-links so-called anchor-text which are actually links embedded on some certain targeted keywords.

The whole idea is based on anchor-text. Every person in the digital marketing world industry started using it with a purpose. It helped people for a long time, but not today. Things have changed today, not like two years back when you started creating links to other website to gain site wattage on for your site to get high above listed on SERP’s that worked, but not today.

The biggest problem you will see, these days, in the global SEO industry is that newcomers in SEO don’t understand what the ultimate goal is. A good SEO/SEM, should also take on the responsibility of increasing conversion rate, landing page click through rate, finding and solving site errors like crawling and indexing issues, updating regularly the Robots.txt files, updating the site map & etc. The site should architecturally be well designed and well branded and easily accessible to user, so that it could serve the ultimate goal of user’s point of using the website.

Many SEO’s will blindly create/build link on no PR useless blogs and valueless pages that Google will simply consider absurd while ignoring there on site optimization.

Ultimately, a legit SEO makes a great website that has great content that is well organized and easy for people to find on any search engine may be Bing, Yahoo, Ask or Lycos. After all, search engines aim to copy and reveal what humans looks for.

There was a bit of a voice some time ago when a reputable SEO stated that SEOs should not optimize for humans always. One would brag that he is correct because instantly you’re optimizing for the bots, robots and computers to crawl, but ultimately, the people are the ones how are purchasing products.

You would surely be lured by the lucrative SEO service, watch over carefully with an eye for exactly what you want, learning from this article.

An SEO, a really good one, could help you gain desired position on the search engines. Now I want to help you. I want to let you find some of the “legit” SEO companies and link building experts around the globe. Mostly of them, you could find in India because legit SEOs are mostly the people that will make it up to you.


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