Aug 13

Broadcast Live Video Streams On Website With Self Customized Rtmp Flv Player

I. Term Interpretations You May Want to Know:

Streaming Media are multimedia that are constantly received by, and normally presented (the term “presented” is used in a general sense that includes audio or video playback) to, an end-user while being delivered by a streaming provider……from Wikipedia

RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) is a proprietary protocol developed by streaming provider Adobe Systems, for streaming audio, video and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server……from Wikipedia

Moyea RTMP Stream Plugin, developed by Moyea Software, is capable of playing live streaming videos, SMIL presentations, and streaming videos from kinds of RTMP servers in RTMP FLV player customized by Moyea Web Player……from

The combination of above 3 concepts comes the topic of this article: how to play LIVE streaming video imported from RTMP stream plugin in customized RTMP FLV player on site.

II. Typical Cases it May Apply but not only Limit to:

A. You have a webcam and you want to show whatever it’s capturing live via RTMP FLV player on internet.

B. Your friend has a DV recorder and he wants to display everything it’s recording live via RTMP FLV player on internet.

III. Essential Programs You have to Have:

1. Flash Media Server 3.5 (FMS)
Download here

2. Flash Media Live Encoder 3 (FMLE)
Download here

3. Moyea Web Player and Moyea RTMP Stream Plugin
Click here and here to download

IV. Let’s Do It!

Step 1: Make sure your webcam or DV recorder is attached to computer and working.

Step 2: Install FMS in your server and launch it afterwards. Usually it operates at background rather than at desktop, but you can easily check its working status from “Control Panel” –> “Administrative Tools” –> “Services”.

Note: We will have an upcoming article

Aug 13

Website Designing Gurgaon

Over most affordable web design Gurgaon package at INR 10,000 is best for those just starting out
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The Beginner Package is designed for individuals, groups, and start-up businesses
needing an affordable and professional website. Many of our clients that choose this
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And put their ideas online. Our Beginner package offers 5 fully custom web pages
With stock photos and a contact form.Website Designing Company in gurgaon
Pay Per Click
As the pay per click (PPC) advertising landscape become increasingly
multifaceted, it’s important for affiliate marketers to capitaize on emerging
trends, Among the trends aiready starting to inpact how affiliate marketers
run online campaigns is vertical pay per click, An increasing number of ppc
engines have divided their networks by “vertical” or business category. This
development enables advertisers to tap in to more targeted traffic focused
ontheir particular Website Development Gurgaon
when developing a vertical advertising startegy, there are a few tips to bear
in mind. simply picking up a campaign from a network with a”broad”focus and
moving it to a vertical network won’t yield the best results, as diffrent
networks have unique traffic patterns, bid landscapes and searcher behaviors.
Here are three for vertical PPC success:
Adjust Bidding Startegies: Generally, broad ad networks have higher volume,
lower cost traffic, while vertical networks have lower

Aug 13

Online Survey Scams How To Find A Genuine Online Survey Website And The Fake

Many big manufacturing and FMCG companies do want to survey the market before launching their new product. They survey the market to know about the necessity of the new product, their other products reach, the target customer and many more. For this, they appoint registered surveyors to conduct a market survey. A surveyor company may conduct the survey by employing direct personnel as well as through online. When it comes for online survey, apart from registered surveyors, many fake companies also started cropping up online by advertising that they are doing survey for many big companies and they show a long list of customers. By this they conduct there malicious thought of online survey scams and get away with hard earned money of others.

How to avoid fake online survey scam?

How to find a fake paid online survey scam?

If you find survey sites promising to dole out hundreds or thousands of dollars on surveys is nothing but online survey scams. Normally, a genuine online survey website will make a payment of $0.15- $2 per survey. Try to avoid sites which require a surveyors personal information like credit card or bank account, or any other important information. These sites are never to be trusted and should be avoided. Many websites provide you with surveys and ask to submit the result in stipulated times. They state that you will qualify for payment only after completing set of surveys. Even after completing, you will be rejected from the website stating that you were not qualified for further surveys without giving any concrete reasons. Your work for all the surveys will go down the drain.

One way of finding a websites authenticity is by checking with its Terms of use and conditions and privacy policy. Since, no genuine company will like to

Aug 12

Fastnews Best Magazine Website Template

FastNews is an elegant and clean magazine website template which has really great look and is perfect for newspaper/magazine websites to attrack readers visit and remember your website. FastNews has been built by using the latest HTML5/CSS3/jQuery techniques and fully responsive, it looks great on all devices, any screen size, including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Newest Magazine Website Template! We created FastNews with beautiful and clean design. It comes with 5 different Blog post styes and multi-layouts of single pages, About page, Error page, Contact page, you can easy customize layout for your website. We believe this magazine website template will be perfect for building your online websites and blogs. This magazine website template was designed and coded by KOPATHEME Features Fully Responsive Built with Boostrap and retina ready HTML5 and CSS3 tableless design. Custom fonts with 600+ Google fonts 19 Validated and well commented HTML5 Pages 5 diffrent style Single Page options 5 diffrent style Blog Posts Page options A lot of widget elements A lot of shortcodes Contact Page with Ajax/PHP Contact form About Page Error Page Works in all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome Documentation included Support Support through our support forum at We are available for customize the theme if you need. Please send us your email at In working day (from Monday to Friday), all the question or problem related to our product will be responded within maximum 24 hours. No matter how long it takes, we will support you until the problem is completely fixed. Support request sent during weekends will be processed on next Monday morning. Sources and Credits jquery-1.8.3.min.js jquery.prettyPhoto.js form validator jquery.form.js Flexslider jQuery plugin Retina display jQuery plugin Dropdown menu jQuery plugin jQuery plugin for image hover effect jQuery plugin for magical layouts

Aug 11

Various Advantages Of Free Classified Websites For College Students

Graduates from institutions all over the planet can avail free classified sites, especially if you have shifted to another town or province and are unaware of where you can buy necessary goods and related services. A few of the key details students have to deal with comprise inexpensive accommodation, course related books, PCs and a way to make some cash. You will be pleased to discover that common free classified sites include advertisements in each of these categories.

Several new undergraduates sort out their accommodation before the academic season begins. A trouble-free way to acquire a range of accommodation choices in a specific locality and resources is by exploring free classified ads. There are a reasonable number of established websites that manage this category and you can additionally look for real estate specific sites. To secure the finest rates I would advise making use of both kinds. You can condense your hunt based on your finances and if you want to share or would like single tenancy. Essentials are nearly always presented along with contact specifics.

PCs are also a crucial product for students in this day and age. Home appliances are generally promoted on free classifieds and you can nearly always get an impressive quality laptop within your finances. Articles like calculators and lamps are also promoted and can be conveniently acquired from young students on their way out of university or the residents in your locality.

Low-cost utilized course related books can be acquired at the university bookstore but commonly get sold very quickly. Free classifieds can be an excellent source for used course related books. Preceding notes and examinations however are handouts you can locate only on classified sites. These can be offers that a departing undergraduate is giving for free or a nominal fee and are

Aug 10

Flash Website Optimization

When considering whether or not to incorporate Flash into your website, you must also consider the target market you are trying to reach.

For instance, a website which serves as a depository for articles and information catering to lawyers would probably not be a good candidate for a Flash “makeover”. However, if you are a rock band, you may want to consider it.

Those are two very opposite ends of the spectrum, but exemplify how you should consider your audience.

In our business, we always suggest “hybrid” Flash sites over full Flash sites when we are not dealing with an entertainment industry client. By using limited and specific Flash, it can take your website from “average” to fantastic.

Corporate, retail, industrial, informational and many other types of websites can actually benefit from a little bit of Flash if it is created professionally and used properly (especially in combination with “static” design).

Flash is quite a complex program, and with every version that is released, there is more to learn. When you do decide to incorporate Flash into your site, make sure your designer is skilled with the program. Using older versions of Flash, not optimizing graphics/audio/video and poorly written actionscript (the language of Flash) can be a detriment.

Current statistics show that over 90% of internet users have the ability to view Flash. It could benefit your online presence and give your site a higher-end look.

Like the web itself, Flash is a technology that is constantly evolving and there are designers that are pushing the envelop to create amazing, interactive user experiences with it.

And remember Flash isn’t just for fading in and out photos or moving text around. Below are just a few of the other ways to use Flash

Aug 04

Making The Decision Of Speedi Software Programs Connected With E Commerce Websites Chennai

This particular tip costs most just about everything, not simply the internet. The harder simple your websites are so much the better it has the going to perform. Which are exactly who any attendees is normally combined with notice that many people are much less fine with desktops as you. Take into account that nobody would like to have a look at webpage this is bland. So make sure your staying hints a step preceding the competitors, significantly as fun and easy to make.

Using these popular tools individuals rolling using the internet despite that these are typically. Therefore, if your internet web site may not be happy healthy all the reveals of these mobile inventions, you’ll probably be quitting at important valued clientele.Receptive tend to be the just about all main resolution with respect to internet websites operation on different exhibit trends. In a nutshell Agreeable purges the actual requirement for establishing together with development a man or woman web-site to check varied computer monitors one particular internet page is.

We are now connected with timeless provided by latter years and everyone is easily contented with presently there job. I will be happy to already have CWD because the best web developer.Timeless online site Concepts serves as a proficient websites producing service with delhi not to mention in Delhi Pakistan provide very affordable custom made web pages developing and expensive producing with a great deal of layout systems with China providing you high in quality and additionally twenty-four hours a day guide to the web page expectations.

With regard to Understanding the Selling prices Portion 2 clearly element Four much more expenditures interested in a large number of plans all the variety of the place again, improvement content, and also any appropriate addons.

Aug 04

Hypnotic Host Offering high quality web hosting packages at inexpensive rates

When it comes to web hosting, there are a multitude of companies worldwide. But only some have managed to carve a niche for themselves thanks to the highly trustworthy and effective solutions provided by them. One such excellent web hosting company is Hypnotic Host. Started in 2008, Hypnotic Host, in a short span of time, has built a vast client base that spans 30 countries. What sets them apart from the rest is the fact they offer high quality shared web hosting and VPS hosting in an inexpensive way. And it’s not just restricted to a single country, but Hypnotic Host provides cheap web hosting in Canada as well as American web hosting.

The good web hosting services offered by the company has given customers, both organizations and individuals, a chance to stay connected to their target audience thanks to round the clock technical support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, 30 day money back guarantee offer and various other benefits that they provide to clients. Not only this, at only $10.99 a month, you can get a shared web hosting plan that includes unlimited data transfer, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and many other benefits. In VPS hosting plans as well, you can expect to get only the most sophisticated offers. It has been the endeavor of the company since day one to ensure that you get only the most profitable and satisfying deal. So whether it is Linux hosting, VPS hosting, green web hosting or any other hosting platform, Hypnotic Host will give you only the most optimal solutions.

One of the company’s positive aspects is the fact that they have their own datacenters in Vancouver (Canada) and Strasbourg (France) from shared web hosting and VPS hosting is done. Both these world class datacenters are run only on the most

Aug 04

Free Mt4 Hosting For Iphone And Android Based Handsets

Forex trading with shared physical server is a difficult job as it has many disadvantages. First it provides no security to your financial transactions. Shared servers are prone to hacking and this is evident from the news report. Second consideration in tradition server is that it could reboot during trading week. Third disadvantage is that it requires additional hardware and software for working. Traders should try free MT4 hosting and enjoy next level of trading activities on their iPhones.

The new hosting would allow you quick access to MetaTrader expert advisor and also it assures that the server works round the clock. The greatest advantage of taking this hosting service is that it requires no additional software or hardware on your PC or mobile or any other device you use as trading tool. Smart traders use their iPhones and MAC books for trading but they have to equip their devices with mobile apps that require additional hardware and software. This hosting would give them hassle free access to their trading platforms.

Forex traders could take free MT4 hosting on their iPhone or MAC Book or any Android based handset and trading in a safe and secure environment. The server could be accessed from anywhere and from any device as it is cloud based. The server could be accessed from a device that has Internet enabled browser and today every phone comes packed with this feature. One could run the MetaTrader on the hosting companys server without any apprehension.

If you have any problem in accessing the server then you could contact the service provider anytime. The service provider would provide you instant access to the server so that you could start trading activity as soon as possible. Since the server is free from your devices, you need not to worry

Aug 03

Benefits Of Having School Websites

Having a website, whether for personal or business purposes, is now commonplace. Many however, prefer to build blogs (weblogs) rather than a static site because the former is much easier to implement. But whether it is a blog or a website, the bottomline is always online presence; and schools need to have online presence via building school websites.

Theres a lot to gain for schools having their own school websites. With a minimal investment, a school website provides the following advantages to the school:

1.A potent promotional tool of the schools services and facilities. Websites could take the place of more costly traditional billboards and flyers. Further, with websites the world, rather than the locality, is your audience.

2.Add credibility and build positive image of schools especially it is well designed, has quality content and periodically updated.

3.Avenue for an interactive information exchange. With added website features such as chat room, school websites facilitates immediate response to queries about the school.

4.Can serve as an online school database. The school can upload a bunch of information about the school into the website. This can serve as an online filing cabinet which is more efficient compared to our traditional filing system. With the search button in your website, your reader can readily access the data uploaded in your website.

5.A virtual office which is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. This saves money and time which could be used to other investment priorities of the schools.

6.A venue for implementing a feedback mechanism. Because it is very convenient to use the Internet, visitors could easily post feedback on school services and other related issues which they would not bother with telephones and letters. With the interactive feature of your website, you can readily respond to

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