Apr 30

Pingdom vs. Site24x7 A Comparison of Two Website Monitoring Services

You have probably noticed that there are a number of services now deemed necessary that you never heard of 5 years ago. As our reliance on the web increases, website companies recommend things like performance monitoring tools and near-instant data recovery systems. With the rise of ecommerce website design service, if a site goes down it is, without exaggeration, bleeding money. There are a number of web solutions to test a site’s performance and help ensure maximum efficiency. In this article we’ll take a look at two of the top Website Monitoring Services to compare their rates and features.

Pingdom is arguably one the most well known website monitoring services that is recommended by a number of website designing companies. Pingdom offers a 30-day free trial as well as two membership options. The -Basic- option is $10 per month and monitors up to 5 websites or servers. The Business option monitors as many as 30 sites or servers for $39.95 per month. In terms of customer service, they appear to have good customer service. I spent several hours reading every review I could find in the forums and they were predominately positive.

Site 24×7 is another of the main site/server monitoring systems. As opposed to the 30-day free trial pingdom offers, Site 24×7 offers a 15 day trial. They do, however, offer up to 5 websites at 10 minute intervals for free. The pricing structure is confusing at first glance, but it is clear they allow users to customize the plan that best suits their needs. For instance, the fee varies based on the number of monitors using the service. There are 3 levels of account options: Free, Professional and Enterprise and there is a handy price calculator to help determine the monthly fees based on number of locations and frequency of checks. Users find their email reports to be highly detailed and easy to read. Customer service scores high as well.

A website developer colleague suggested that for reports, Site24x7 has an advantage. Not every consumer is interested (or has the time) to analyze the date from these reports and just want to be notified if their server is down. Pingdom will send 20 text messages as part of their basic plan with optional public reports.

The best advice which is recommended by our webpage design and development company is to sign up for the free trial of multiple website monitoring services. Track the speed of messages to see who responds the fastest to service disruption. Look at not only what is offered but you actually use. There is no sense in paying for a functionality that -sounds good- if it is not something that you or your employers will make use of.


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