Jun 06

Take Advantage Of The Free Website Rotator By Biz Rotator

The free website rotator by Biz Rotator offers features that most website rotators in the market cannot match. The Biz Rotator free website rotator can give you a rotator that can host an unlimited number of URLs, while other rotators can barely accomodate more than four or five websites per single rotator. The Biz Rotator free website rotator can let you promote more than a hundred websites with just one rotator, thus eliminating the need to sign up with several rotators at a time.
How does it work?
The Biz Rotator company has come up with a straightforward tool with which you can promote numerous websites and several versions of your website or web pages. The proprietary website rotator program allows you to publicize all the websites you have with just one single link! All you have to do is enter the URLs you wish to advertise into your rotator account, and activate the rotator link. Different pages are displayed each and every time someone clicks on the link. Fantastic!
Not only is it the quickest and most hassle-free way to promote all of your websites using a solitary link – the Biz Rotator free website rotator lets you split-test sales pages, capture pages, sales copy, and so on, in the most convenient and speediest way. If you do not split-test all elements of your website/s, you might let something slip, and lose potential clientele and revenue if your website does not work as planned. To split-test and rotate your sites and content, you simply need to load all the websites, activate the rotator link, and Biz Rotator’s free website rotator does everything else.
What can I get with the Biz Rotator FREE Website Rotator account?
Some paid website rotators will not allow you to rotate the number of websites we can, even with our free account! Biz Rotator’s free website rotator can rotate hundreds of websites into a single rotator. That’s all you have to do. The proprietary website rotator will do the rest.
The Biz Rotator free website rotator can let you promote a large number of URLs, keep tabs on all of the links you have, and operate separate advertisements per website (while running separate advertisements for each of the website’s pages). The very same free rotator prevents you from forgetting to check all the site elements and advertising all your sites, and all the other problems that come with the chaotic split-testing process.
Need More? Get the Biz Rotator Pro!
For more capacity, more control, and even more power, sign up with the Biz Rotator Pro. You’ll get loads of additional benefits and an unlimited number of URLs for loading, plus the same great features of the Biz Rotator free website rotator. The Pro account comes at just $9.95 per month with a convenient money back guarantee.


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