Jun 24

Tips To Layout Web Page Designs That Make Company Website Competent

Having nice looking and convincing company website is the first step of success in online business that has global exposure. When the planning for web page design is initiated, we look for the stylish, colorful and attractive designs but as being non- wed designer, we often commit a mistake of not focusing upon technicalities. Searching and selecting a good web designer is not the big task anymore but the roped in web designer too needs your command to shape up the concepts that really mean for particular business. To command the selected website designer, the idea about the basic requirements of an effective website is must even if the owner is non-web designer. Here are some critical features a website must have:

The quick and easy to surf upon navigation is prime requirement of a company website; it guides the visitors to land at particular page to find out the required information. The size of page matters; it should be neither much long nor too short. Scrolling may irritate the visitors or may hide the important furnished information for quick visitors. Sometimes, web page designs are finalized according to the size of images or the content; the content should be precise and up to the point. The web content should be according to the international practice and norms of currencies, measurements, times and dates. The images and video slots should be of proper size; too big images loss their attraction. Bigger the images in size, more would be downloading and website loading time size.

Color is the next visual aspect of any website that influences the judgment of visitor. Colors should be chosen according to the international trends. Too bright colors may seem pretty but these not understood good for the professional websites where mature and serious buyers land. We have four color schemes to be considered monochromatic, analogous, complementary and triadic. Monochromatic color scheme uses colors with same hue but may have different shades. Analogous pattern uses the colors close on the color wagon. Under complementary color scheme, web page designer uses the colors that exist just opposite to each other. Triadic colors are the colors that rest on same distance at color wagon.

Existence of broken links on any web page is a serious minus point even of a well-designed company website. Apart from not being as per Google standards, it gives wrong message to the visitors too. Poor links, high loading time, dull images, noisy videos, much scrolling requirement and too bright colors etc should be avoided.


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