Jan 26

Type of Website Determines Type of SEO Experts

There are two potential types of websites a business can create: authority sites or niche sites. Each one requires a different type of SEO for making yourself competitive in the internet world. Depending on which site you choose your keywords and how they affect your web conversion and consequently, your web traffic. Each type of site has its advantages and each type of site has its disadvantages, but the good can outweigh the bad. Because of the way they are designed, niche sites can be easier to earn good rankings with. They require less keywords, less contents, and a lower number of links. But eventually, niche sites can lose their competitiveness. According to seo experts websites rank due to their designs. Because niche and authority websites have different designs, you have two very different ways to go about optimizing them. Of course, SEO experts all argue that your target audience, amount of competition, budget, and strategy can also weigh heavily here. When you hire seo consultants, you are not hiring them for a day or even a week or month. You are hiring them for the long haul. SEO is always changing, but a little time and patience can help anyone rank high for almost any keyword they choose. Unfortunately, human beings are not patient by nature, and this is why many people end up creating niche sites. Authority sites can be expensive to create and extremely time consuming from the get go. People who are impatient or lack the resources to create an authority site usually turn to niche sites. This is why you should have a method to your madness. It should be something that you can repeat over and over and that will last a long time. You plan should include: keywords, domains, SEO, and timing. SEO consultants, can help you with all four. Authority sites will reach more people for various reasons. Niche sites will focus on smaller target audiences and one or two keywords. While both types of websites can be helpful, it really depends on what your competition is like and what your websites are like compared to your competition. But how do you know which keywords to even focus on? SEO experts will tell you that having the top ranking for a manipulated keyword doesn’t necessarily equal web conversions. You can have words that became keywords on accident that lead to more sales or action on your website. This means choosing a diverse group of keywords. If you are not like SEO consultants, consider researching what top sellers are doing at websites like Amazon, performing your own Google searches, and developing a pyramid of sorts of keywords. Just remember, you have to decide if you want to narrow or expand your focus by adding too many keywords or picking out very specific ones.


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