May 21

Why You Should Have A Domain Name Alias In Your Primary Website

What if somebody told you that you can have many domains name in your primary website? Will you believe this or you will just dismiss the whole idea saying that its all impossible? So, if you doubt this fact, I am here today to clear your doubts.

Yes, its hundred percent true that you can have as many domains name as you wish associated to your primary domain name. This helps you to get rid of poor quality domains. When I say poor quality I mean the ones which surfers find to be long, not catchy, and difficult to memorize.

To define to you what domain aliases is, its nothing complicated but its a service available for having additional domains name as subsidiaries to your major domain. They will be associated to your primary domain name. Alias permits you to have more than one domain in your website.

The advantage regarding this service is that there are no extra fees to be paid. All you got to pay is registration fee. And, of course renewal fee once these domains name expire. When surfers use alias, the URL in their browser address bar stays exact the same way as they typed it.

If at one point you feel that you dont want these domain aliases, you are able to remove them from your site. The search engines will not penalize you.

The search engines will not disapprove the indexing of domain name aliases which are pointing to the same site as long as they are reputable ones. They should be directed to the primary domain itself. You have to be careful on the kind of domains name to associate your website with or else they will ruin its reputation.

Before you acquire a domain especially the previously used one to use as a domain name alias, you should consider the following factors first:

Four Factors to Consider about Domain Name Alias

1. Does it posses the good traits of a domain name? It should be a catchy word which is short and easy to memorize.

2. Is this domain from a website that was regarded as a spam by the search engines? If yes, dont use it.

3. Consider if this domain is a trade mark belonging to someone else or organization. If its a trade mark belonging to someone else do not use it as your domain name alias.

4. Consider the type of extension this domain has. A dot com extension works well among surfers as it is popular.


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